Functional labels that get placed on products to instruct or warn the buyer, user or installer. They can include decorative elements, such as company logos, but their main purpose is to provide information. Usually this labels contain limited colors and basic art. Examples of this labels include ANSI compatibles with warning labels, UL Listed, Operation instructions, identification plates and serial numbers.

Technical literatures are commonly shipped with products, and is normally used to instruct the end user, installer or maintenance technician on the proper use and care of the product. They are usually printed in black and white, but some manufacturers decide to use color to improve the efficiency and aesthetics of the document, Some examples of technical literature include user and installation manuals, registration cards, quick start guides and wiring diagrams.


Decorative labels are placed on products to decorate, identify the make and model. Their main purpose is to improve the appeal of products. They are tipically printed with a 4 color process and have high quality graphics. Examples of this decorative labels include manufacturer's logos, model number or name, decorative stripes, patterns, simulated wood finishings, and others


We distribute the best brands of ribbons, carefully selected to offer the best choice to meet the final user expectations, avoiding information loss or possible damages to thermal transfer printers


Our warehouses are automatically controlled to maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels, allowing us to assure the quality and functionality of our products during the entire year.

We offer GPNEC; Our on line inventory application, available for our customers 24/7 and helps optimizing warehouse space and material flow. Call us and schedule a meeting to know more about our warehousing services.

Our objective, Print only what is needed.

Creating and optimizing with digital printing, and keeping minimal inventories that are carefully planned to allow a fluent and lean manufacturing process at a really affordable cost is our passion.

Call us and schedule a meeting to start printing on demand, now!

On September 2006, Standard Register started the operation of a label manufacturin facility in Monterrey, Mexico with 3000 sq meters for production and warehousing.

Within our capabilities are, flexographic, digital, and screen printing, and kitting services.

We implement world class manufacturing best practices, and we are capable or producing long and short runs, depending on customers' needs, with UL, CSA and LIFE regulations compliance.

Our warehouse in Monterrey has the capability for domestic shipping and international shipping to US and south america.

We offer personalized customer care with a 100% bilingual staff


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Standard Register Latin America is committed to quality and delivery on time, reach the requirements of clients, legal and regulatory, and asking the same from our suppliers.


Standard Register Latin America staff works with the ethics code and continuous improvement, to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system.


For any inquiry or reports of possible violations to our code of ethics, reach our direct Ethics Line (81-16464231)

Standard Register Latinoamérica  is committed to operating our business in a sustainable manner and making it easy for our customers and employees to make a difference as it relates to the environment.


To support this commitment, we will:


✦ Conduct all aspects of business as a responsible stewards of the environment.

✦ Protect the health and safety of our employees, surrounding communities, ecosystems and environment.

✦ Work with suppliers that share our commitment to responsibility managing natural resources, supporting local communities and producing sustainable products.

✦ Comply with applicable local, state and federal regulations.

✦ Continuously seek to integrate natural resource conservation and pollution prevention into our management structure, operations, culture and community relations.

✦ Place a high corporate priority on these commitments.

✦ Dedicate corporate resources to maintaining, improving, and communicating our environmental objectives to our customers, contractors, and employees and on to the community.

✦ Implement a comprehensive recycling program in our manufacturing plants to promote responsible resource management and utilize environmentally - responsible manufacturing processes.


Our on-going environmental impact goals are centered around:


✦ Procuring certified sustainable forestry products.

✦ Conserving energy, water and other natural resources.

✦ Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

✦ Minimizing waste generation.

✦ Maximizing recycling and reuse opportunities.

✦ Sourcing sustainable materials and optimizing processes.